Successful With Multipacks

Smaller households, an unlimited diversity of beverages – the consumers increasingly choose to buy smaller units – the cardboard multipack. We have an extensive product range of multipack solutions which will be specially adapted to your requirements.

The TOP Clip style pack safely locks under the crown cork or sealing cap and thus forms your bottles to an easy to handle pack. There are solutions available for single as well as for double row configurations. 

The WRAP style pack is the standard multipack. With embossing techniques and spot varnishing, we achieve a high quality look without burdening your budget. Our handle  design solutions are easy and comfortable to carry. We offer various solutions for single and double row configurations.

The BASKET style pack, either open or closed, adds a high quality value to your product. For the consumer it offers the best possible carrying comfort, simple handling and good recycling options. With a smart design, we are able to produce an extreme tear-resistant carrier despite using lower board grades. Materials used for the production are exclusively sourced within Europe. 

Please contact us, we can make (almost) everything possible!